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(Christina Doody, Behaviour Specialist, Callan Institute)

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As Project Manager and author of this course, I would like to warmly welcome you to this eLearning experience. On behalf of Callan Institute, I would like to acknowledge the sterling work of Ms Sheena Grant, Research Assistant on this project, who translated the original text into Moodle appropriate language.

Callan Institute would also like to acknowledge our funder Pobal, which made this project possible.

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Part 1

Positive Behaviour Support Part 1

This course is designed for staff and family members interested in learning more about intellectual disability, behaviours of concern and Positive Behaviour Support. It focuses on the Multi Element Behaviour Support (MEBS) Model of support. The 10 units will bring you through the process of MEBS, explaining the basic principles, assessment, data recording and the different intervention strategies used.

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Part 2

Positive Behaviour Support Part 2

This course leads on from Positive Behaviour Support Part 1 with 6 units that focus on aspects of PBS in more detail, including professional ethical relating, principle of behaviour, building capacity & consent; systematic instruction and monitoring interventions. Completing Positive Behaviour Support Part 1 is required before undertaking this course.

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This E-learning course will introduce you to the Saint John of God Policy on Positive Behaviour Support. 

  • What's changed since the previous policy
  • PBS is Everybody's Responsibility
  • What is a tiered approach to PBS
  • Step 1 - Service Level Supports
  • Step 2 - Unit Level Supports
  • Step 3 - Specialised Supports
  • Where do I start - putting the Step Approach into practice
  • What else is in the policy?

There will be a short post test after each section to check your understanding. When you have completed all of these, you should forward a copy of the certificate to your Line Supervisor and to your Human Resources Department for your Training File.